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The swivet Zone provides educators with online educational resources that make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning interesting and fun.  This includes entertaining swivet web episodes, educator workshops, downloadable resources, project based activities and web content based on the Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

  • Find out about STEM Events and Programs where you can network with peers, learn about resources and opportunities in STEM education and gain exposure to STEM leaders and innovators.
  • Turn your classroom into a swivet Zone and use the swivet web series to get students excited about STEM Topics
  • Create a project with your students, share and promote it on the swivet Zone
  • Become a swivet Zone champion at your school or in your community and help lead efforts to integrate swivet Zone STEM in classrooms and at afterschool programs worldwide.

The swivet Zone resources for educators benefit all educators of STEM content.  This includes STEM coordinators, tutors, coaches, homeschool and after school educators, special education teachers, STEM program administrators and anyone involved with science, technology, engineering or mathematics education for children.


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