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Become a swivet Zone "Activity Producer"
The swivet Zone Red Carpet guests will include middle school students from public schools in the area, educators from across the country, parents, STEM stakeholders and invited guests. 

Consistent with our “red carpet” theme, swivet Zone exhibitors are referred to as “Activity Producers”.  We invite STEM organizations to participate as “Activity Producers” creating fun and interactive hands-on activities that will be part of the event.  Students learn by seeing, listening and interacting with STEM content, and we’d like to include a range of experiences and learning opportunities.
Event Details
swivet Zone Red Carpet launch event for season 1
Thursday, March 13, 2014
Time: TBA
Where: TBA

Who will attend: 6th grade students, educators, parents, STEM stakeholders and invited guests
The goal of swivet is to engage and inspire middle school and high school students to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), get excited about STEM and pursue a career in a STEM related occupation. 

The program consists of three prongs: an interactive website, STEM educator workshops, and an entertaining educational web series.  Each season of the web series consists of ten episodes that are each approximately five minutes long.  The episodes are scripted and of television quality.  You can see the trailer for the first season here.  The first season will be released at a red carpet event on March 13, 2014 in Puerto Rico. 
Create Your Exhibit
We invite you to join us as an “Activity Producer” for the next swivet Zone season launch event.
As an “Activity Producer”, you’ll directly engage students and educators in STEM.  We’ll provide you with an 8-foot table for your display, the rest of the details are up to you.  You’ll bring your own supplies, and give-away materials.  You’ll also make arrangements to have your booth staffed at all times with “Activity Producers” that fit the theme of your exhibit such as a scientists, astronauts, engineers, teachers, robots etc. 

When designing activities, keep in mind the age group of our guests and design your display so they can see, touch, listen to, and do things.  We encourage you to be as creative as possible to help captivate the imagination of our guests!
Get Started
If you’d like to participate simply send an email with answers to the following questions to: you may also contact Devynne Scilingo, STEM Education Associate at the International Center for Professional Development by email at
  • Organization:
  • Organization’s Website:
  • Primary Contact Name:
  • Primary Contact Email:
  • Primary Contact Phone:
  • On-Site Contact Name:
  • On-site Contact Cell Phone:
  • Number of “Activity Producers” at your exhibit:
  • Special requests ie. Power:
  • Will You Have Sound, Video:
  • VIP's we should be aware of:
  • Main STEM Lesson / Theme:
  • Describe Your Activity:
  • What Will You Bring:
Once we receive your answers to the above questions, we will respond confirming your participation.  Only a limited number of exhibits will be selected to participate.  We will confirm exhibits as quickly as possible.
Need more information? 
Contact Devynne Scilingo at or Elisabeth Freeman at

You can also reach us by phone at 951 599-4956.



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